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Headache Relief from Your Brentwood Chiropractor

Most people get headaches every now and then. Eye strain, tension, allergies and illnesses such as colds or the flu can all be causes of mild to moderate headaches. For some people, though, a headache is a bigger problem. This is especially true for those who suffer migraine headaches.

For migraine sufferers, the pain can be almost unbearable and can interfere with daily life. 

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Is Your Headache Triggered By Neck Tension?

While some headaches are triggered by outside factors such as pollution, foods or chemicals, stress or eye strain, many are triggered by physical issues such as neck tension. In these situations, spinal manipulation has been shown to provide relief. This is where chiropractic care can help. By easing pressure and 

Who Is At Risk For Headaches Related To Neck And Back Pain?

Tension headaches are common among those who work in office environments or doing detail work or work in environments that aren't very ergonomic. Sitting for long periods of time, staring at computer monitors and not taking regular breaks can be a source of the problem.

If you find that you suffer from frequent headaches and you have a job that requires a good amount of sitting, or you are a student, for example, your headaches may be partly due to neck tension. It's important that when you sit still for long periods of time you take breaks to stretch and relax. This should happen at least once every 30 minutes.

Your chiropractor can suggest exercises you can do to minimize and relieve the tension that is causing your headaches. Your chiropractor can also perform chiropractic adjustments to your spine to relieve the pressure and tension.

What Other Ways Can Your Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic care isn't all about making your back or neck feel better. Aside from alleviating headaches as a result of tension, your chiropractor can also suggest diet and lifestyle changes that can also help lessen the frequency of headaches. While headaches are often caused by tension, they can also be caused by certain foods and other allergens as well as stress and strain. Your chiropractor may suggest supplements, dietary changes, and exercises that can alleviate stress, improve posture and even help you get more sleep. 

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You'll learn that when one area of the body suffers, many areas of the body suffer. Stress, not sleeping well, sitting for long periods of time and other problems cause headaches. These are your body's warning system. If you are suffering from frequent headaches and are in the Nashville or Brentwood area, contact Maryland Farms Chiropractic today at 615-309-8279.


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